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Our platform  for Hayward City Council will grow as we continue to meet with YOU; our Hayward neighbors, friends, and family who guide us in our fight for community power. We will post our platform in sections and hope that you will follow along! Take a look at what we have so far:

 Our Platform 

Housing is a Human Right

  • Protecting Hayward Renters
  • Fighting Displacement & Strengthening our Roots
  • Ending Housing Inequality
  • Using Public Land for Public Good

Response to COVID-19

  • Secure the Right to Housing
  • Protect Hayward Workers 
  • Protect Small Businesses
  • Prioritize a Just Recovery
  • Increased community oversight of policing and officer conduct.
  • Unarmed first responders separate from the police department to respond to non-criminal emergency needs such as: mental health crises, assisting residents who need access to social services, traffic enforcement, and domestic disputes.
  • Invest and expand long-term community safety strategies such as providing services for drug-addiction, job-training, and re-entry programs.
  • Mandatory, neutral third party investigation in all incidents involving an officer involved shooting.

Workers Rights & a Just Economy

  • Raise the minimum wage to a living wage.
  • Paid sick days for all workers, including those working in the gig economy such as Uber or Lyft drivers.
  • Strengthen workers’ right to organize and from a union.
  • Ensure the wealthiest and largest corporations in our community pay their fair share through equitable taxation structures.
  • Create a city-wide, resident controlled committee to make decisions on our City Budget.

BLM : Community Safety & Justice for All

Supporting our Unsheltered Community

  • Build more permanent housing for those in need of a home.

  • Expand services available such as mental health services, food access, and access to social workers.

  • Create more essential social services centers.

Climate Justice and Transportation

  • We are in a climate crisis and we must act like it by fully participating in ongoing efforts for a Bay Area Green Deal.
  • Create a resident committee consisting of those directly impacted by climate disaster to provide policy recommendations.
  • Create an emergency fund to assist residents impacted by climate disaster.
  • Work regionally to obtain free, fast, and reliable public transportation.
  • Build a robust network of sidewalks and protected bike lanes throughout the city accessible to all ages and abilities.
  • Increase electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Expand access to solar energy for homeowners and renters.
  • Collaborate with area businesses to create accessible non-profit seeking rideshare programs.
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