A campaign accountable to our community with a connection to a larger movement.
  • In order to achieve socially just policies, we believe our campaign must be grounded in the broader movement for social justice and equality. 

  • We understand that the community is the greatest instrument of political change. For too long, our local government has undermined and neglected the voice of the people of Hayward. We must be a government of, by, and for the people.

  • We must be aggressive in using the democratic process and defending it against actors who seek to jeopardize it.

  • Our funding is absolutely free of any interest group that would compromise our ability to be fully accountable to working families in Hayward.

Running a progressive & compassionate campaign that speaks to the needs of our constituents.
  • The fundamental core of any thriving community is compassion.

  • We must practice compassionate progressive values by recognizing the structural systems of racism, sexism, homophobia, and many other forms of oppression and take affirmative steps to erase those prejudices from our communities.  

  • We must create an environment in Hayward that allows people to live dignified lives, and lives in which they can provide for themselves and their families without excessive burden or stress.

  • We must also strive to have a campaign team that is reflective of the positive values held by the people of Hayward.

Lacei and Elisha are fighting to bring the voice of the people to City Hall.
  • Lacei and Elisha have witnessed both inaction and unjust decision-making in Hayward's government and their negative impacts on our community. They have since been working hard to amplify the voices of their fellow community members.

  • Our skillset is developed from our experience in community organizing and activism. We are informed by our practical experiences and our relationships with members of the community from all backgrounds and walks of life.

  • We understand elected representatives must pursue solutions for pressing issues facing our most vulnerable community members. If we fail to help the vulnerable amongst us, we hinder the prosperity of the entire community.

  • We must ensure that our platform is rooted in our love for all people and in our desire to see the people of Hayward prosper.

 Our Values